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Wyoming-made, unique, practical outdoor gear is what we do. We spend our share of days in the field and are aware of the fact that having the right gear at the right time is critical to outdoor success. We feel that our gear (what we purchase from others as well as what we manufacture) must meet two criteria. It must be practical (meaning it must work damn good) and it must have a price that represents an excellent value. We work hard. You do too. That’s why we stand by the statement on the information card that comes with every Day’s Worth Fly Box. It says: “At Cliff Outdoors, our aim is to design and manufacture the highest quality, most practical fly fishing accessories without bending you over.” Finally, we guarantee that if at any time you are dissatisfied with any product of ours, we’ll simply make it right. You have our handshake on it, period.

Matt Cassel.


  • The Beast´s
  • The Bugger Barn
  • The Days Worth
  • The Big Cliff
  • The Super Days Worth
  • Cliff´s Crab Shack
  • The Swinger
  • The Justin Case
  • Intruder Box
  • Cliff Pink
  • The Deuce
  • The Strait N Dry
  • The Cliffhanger
  • The Dry Fly Rehab Center
  • The Float Patch
  • The Catch Patch
  • The Spooler
  • The Top Shelf
  • Cliff´s Wonder Dust
  • Deck Mate
  • Head Liner
  • Little Dipper
  • The Snap Strap


Why Choose The Measure Net?

Measure Net has been serving customers for over 12 years, offering anglers the mobility and ease of measuring their catch without ever having to touch the fish. Protecting the fish while still enjoying the sport.

Jeff Abel.


  • Small Nylon Net
  • Medium Nylon Net
  • Large Nylon Net
  • Small Rubber Net
  • Medium Rubber Net
  • Large Rubber Net
  • Jr. Guide Rubber Net
  • Guide Rubber Net
  • Dirección: Miraflores 808, Río bueno, Región de los Ríos
  • Email:
  • Fono: +56 9 92140186

Estamos ubicados a:

  • 82 km aprox. desde Valdivia
  • 33 km desde Osorno.
  • 122 km desde Puerto Varas.
  • 139 km desde Puerto Montt.
  • 221 km desde Temuco.
  • 494 km desde Concepción.
  • 905 km desde Santiago.

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