Caña Sage Method #6 de 9 pies.


This rod is FAST.

The Method is a top option for a streamer rod or nymph stick in Paradise Valley where gusty winds are common. The ultra-fast action of the method allows you to turn over big flies, heavy sink tips and nymph rigs regardless of weather. It’s fast, powerful and unforgiving. It definitely behaves better at distance, and is not particularly accurate in close casting situations. If you like tossing big streamers a big ways, the Method is going to be tough to beat.

The grip and the butt section of the rod have a smaller feel allowing the angler acute control over such a powerful weapon. The Cocobolo wood grip is soft under hand and contributes to the smooth-but-strong feel of the Method.

Sage’s Konnetic Technology contributes to the Method’s light weight and durability. The 9-foot 6 weight comes in at an incredibly light 3 ounces, yet has ample strength to launch flies far beyond those of the average casting fly fisherman. The bigger hard chromed guides and tip-top accentuate your craft by allowing you to shoot line farther than your last favorite ultra-fast rod. A heavier weighted line could be used to one’s advantage, and help an angler who is new to an ultra-fast rod get line out further with slightly more ease.

The magma red shaft of the rod still holds a traditional look, just with a bit of added pizazz. The Method is your lightsaber, and will turn you into a Jedi of fly fishing. Come by the shop next Saturday, June 25 for a shop barbeque and to try out this glowing ruby saber for yourself. There are sure to be many burgers and dogs to supply you with the strength and man power needed to demo the Method.

See you there!

Shop boys (Marshall, Mike, Chandler)

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Espectacular caña Sage, modelo Method numero #6

9 pies

4 tramos

tubo de aluminio


Garantia de por vida

Acción Ultra Fast

Caña de tipo especial por el tipo de acción y prestaciones.

Usada, pero muy bien cuidada, como nueva.


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