Rising Lunker Net 24″


Lunker Net con Cerakote de 24″ te permiten llevarla en el bote, usar desde un float tube o para vadear. Es muy liviana y con una red que permite mantener al pez en optimas condiciones.

  • Colores “Cerakote” que tienen mayor protección.
  • Malla goma/silicona Negra o Clara (transparente)
  • Mango de 24 pulgadas (61 cm)
  • El mango sirve para beber un buen Whisky!!!

Disponible en color Azul, Gun Metal y Rojo.

Disponible Extensor de 14″.





The Lunker Net is designed to handle fish of all sizes with the size and shape of the hoop. The 24″ handle offers you the extra reach to land fish in personal watercraft or doubles up as a staff when wade fishing. Use it for trout or off the skiff in the salt… The Lunker Net can handle it all. Offered in 8 different colors of anodization and made at our HQ in Francis, Utah USA.


  • Made in our shop, with tooling we designed, using American Made aluminum and supplies
  • Anodized Aluminum for corrosion resistance and cool coloring options.
  • Knurled Texture on the Handle for Grip
  • Rubber Net Bag Available in Black or Clear – more fish-friendly!
  • Measurement indicators on Hoop – 12″, 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″, 21″
  • Custom acetal bolt to hold hoop to handle securely, while allowing easy dis-assemble and re-assembly for replacing bags or travel
  • Threaded sealed end-cap makes for water-proof storage in the handle – Streamside flask
  • Works great for wading (wading staff) or personal watercraft.
  • Total Length: 46.5″
  • Handle Length: 24″
  • Hoop Length: 22″
  • Hoop Width: Tapers from 13.5″ to 9″
  • Weight: 1.58 lbs
  • Net Bag Depth: 11″ but stretches
  • Colors – Orange, Red, GunMetal, Wasabi, Blue, Purple, Black, Pink, or Mix Colors for TwoTone
  • Made in the USA
  • Unconditional Warranty – excluding the rubber bag in most instances


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